ARM on the Porche

ARM on the Porche


Professional rally app for iPad coming soon.

Professional rally application for iPad & iPad mini is developed now.

The app is going to test in Japanese snow rally this weekend.

It is targeted to "Co-Driver" & "Team". It has a lot of features but using is very simple.

Please waiting for release.

Stage mode
This mode is very competitive for Special Stages. Stage time start automatic by Itinerary management. Display of distances has 3way. It is "Trip" , "To Finish" and "From Start".

 Stage time comparison with rivals
The app calculate difference to rival times automatic. It is very easy using.

 Stage data

Road mode with maps
Road mode help you on Road Section. "To Next TC" display the distance to Next TC. 
"Margin of the Next TC" display the margin of time to Next TC. You can check the "Delay" or "Going fast" real time.

Setting management 

 Itinerary management <Stage & Road>

 Itinerary management <from Service to TC>
Itinerary management is able to register 30 stages. And It is able to register "from Service park to Next TC".
If you have registered it , you are very easy to spend during the competition.

Data of stage sending by Twitter

Data of stage sending by E-mail
You can send message directly from the app using Twitter or E-mail. The messages is included "Rally name", "Stage No," , "Car No," , "Stage time" and "Location" . And case Email, include "Google Map URL".
You don't need make the messages because it is made automatic by the app.


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