ARM on the Porche

ARM on the Porche

ARM110 Manual EN

 Main Screen

  1. Function View : View mode is able to change by press & hold on the view.
  2. Main Trip Meter : Direction is able to change by press & hold on the view. ForwardReverse   * If GPS status is "BAD", this text change to GRAY
  3. Function Button : Label is changed by view mode.
  4. Main Trip Meter Clear Button : Clear the main trip distances.
  5. GPS indicator : Display the GPS value GOOD - BAD 
  6. Switch of Trip Meter : Trip meter "ON / OFF" is able to change by this button.
  7. Previous Trip Distances : Display the previous distances.
Screen for the tablet.

If you use a tablet, Screen is displayed in three rows. The function view is able to each display. However, some tablets is an exception.

Menu Index
 Menu is appear on the bottom by devices "MENU" button.
  Setting : Call setting mode.
  Trip Calibration : Calibrate to Trip distances.

  Manual : Display the Manual Page (This page).

  Exit : Finish the ARM110.

Basic Function

Function mode is able to change by Press & Hold on the Function view.

Current mode is displayed on the Function button.

1.Current Clock

Current clock is calibrated by GPS signal. If you want to adjust GPS clock to rally reference time, Please press and hold the Sync button. 10.Feb.2013 New!

2.Countdown Timer

Display the countdown to target time by set the time. If you want to set the target time,

Please Press & Hold on this button.

After set the target time, Countdown is started.

If countdown is less 60sec, change the Yellow. And just "0", change the Red.

3.Sub-Trip Meter

It's available as a separate Sub-Trip Meter from the Main-Trip Meter. Clearing the Sub-Trip Meter,
Please touch the button.


Sub's "Direction & ON / OFF"  is linked Main's. 
It can not do their own switching.

4.Speed Meter

Display the current speed or max speed. It is able to change by function button.

Current Speed

km or mi is able to change "Setting".

Max Speed

Press & Hold on the "Max Button", Max speed data is cleared.

5.Stop Watch

Display the stop watch. Start mode is able to select from "Setting" > "Stop Watch".

Stop Watch Start

*In "Special Stage" mode, Start time input from this button. And passed the time, Stop watch is started.

*In "Normal" mode, Stop watch is paused by touch the Function view.

Stop Watch Finish.

If you want to clear the display, please touch the Function View.


Units of Distance : Select units of distance from "Kilometers" or "Miles".

Button layout : "Function & MainTripClearButton" is able to replace "Right side" or "Left Side".

Button Click : Switch the audio of "Button Click".
Countdown : Switch the audio of "Countdown".

[Stop Watch]
Start Mode : Select the Start Mode from "Special Stage" or "Normal Stop Watch".
<Special Stage> Start by your given time.
<Normal> Normal Stop watch.

Trip Calibration

This mode is able to calibrate the ARM110's distances to Road book distances.

Warning: It has a difference to distances because measured by the GPS.

[How to calibrate the distances]

1.  Please run the route of standard.

2.  Select "Vehicle", Input the vehicle (ARM110) distances. And touche the Ent button.

3.  Select "Road Book", Input the "Distances of Road Book". 

4.  Calibrate finished. Please return to main screen by device's back button.

warning : If it input error, Calibration value is automatically entered "1.0".


  • Distance may be different because using GPS.
  • Distance and Current time has can not removed the error. Therefore, do not recommend using in delicate competition.
  • Be using to external power supply because this app is using GPS ever time. And using charger only iPhone.
  • Please finish other Apps because saving the CPU memory.
  • I don't have responsible for all.(troubles, damages, disadvantages, and more) Everyone will use this app, and you consent to use this thing.

Development and release : Takashi IRINATSU
Email :

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