ARM on the Porche

ARM on the Porche

ASE Rally Monitor100

<Important Notices>
ASE Rally Monitor100 (for Android only) 's update will be suspended in "31.Dec.2012".

ASE Rally Monitor is most popular of smartphone rally computer. This is development by japanese rally team. If you want easy rallying, you choice the this app.



1. Download & install from Android Market.

If you couldn't scan this code, download from here.

2. GPS Launch
  1. Press Menu > Settings , and select "Location & Security".
  2. Check the "Use GPS Satellites".
3 Apps Launch

Press a icon , application is start. If there is no icon on the home screen, please look for the icon and then press the "Home Button".

Description for Feature
  • By using the GPS of the devices, all without connecting to a vehicle.
  • This applications can be used as a riding from that time.
  • Trip meter can be switched - addition, subtraction, neutral.
  • Distance range:999000m to -999000m.
  • You can calibrate the deviation of the distance with road book.
  • The current time adjust automatic by GPS signal. And you can adjust manually
  • Countdown to arrival time.
  • Calculate the estimated fuel consumption of "Next Refuel Point".
  • This app has many mode - Stage, Road, Calibration, and more.
  • Immediately after launch, GPS devices may take longer to receive. Please prepare well in advance.
  • All of input number is "Integer". No used "period" or "String".
  • All of distance is "Metric". If you want input "1.5km", you must be input "1500".
  • If you want use "Refuel Mode", you must be set "Fuel Consumption(Stage & Road) from "Setting" before using.

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