ARM on the Porche

ARM on the Porche

ASE Rally Com Manual EN

Main Screen
Clock: Display the GPS Clock.. The clock is able to adjust "Clock Adjust" in the "Setting".
Trip: Trip meter.
Arrival: Arrival Time. The time is able to change by touch on the text.
Remain: Remaining time to Arrival Time.
Speed: Current speed.
Stage Time: Display the Special Stage Time.
Start Time: Special Stage Display the Start Time. The time is able to change by touch on the text.
Target time to Next TC: Target Time to next time control. The time set from "Itinerary".
Stage No,; Display current Stage number. Stage number is able to select by swipe on this number.
Speed-Average: Average speed of the Special Stage.
Speed-Max: Max speed of the Special Stage.
Distance-To Finish: Display the distances to Special Stage Finish.
Distance-From Start: Display the distances from Special Stage
Distance-Stage Total: Display the total distances of Special Stage. The distances set from "Itinerary".

Side Button

Trip Clear: Clear of the trip meter.

Point marking: Record the location of any points.

Map: Change display the Maps.

Stage Button: Execution of Stage Start & Finish.

GPS: Display the status of GPS. Good Bad Suspend
Message: To send message is possible from "Twitter","Facebook"and "Email".
Trip Switch: Change the direction of trip meter.

Tool Bar

Setting: Setting the any functions.
Manual: Display the user's manual. (this pages)
Slider: Adjust the brightness of the screen.
Itinerary: Register the information of Special Stages & Road Sections.
Stage Time: Automatic registration of Stage Times. You are able to check any data.


Calibration: Calibration of distances is able to register the yourself (iPad) & Road book distances.
Unit: Select the unit of the distances.

Count Down: Select the countdown of Stage Start Start.

Clock Adjust
Adjust to GPS clock. To adjust is unit of "1/10 sec".

Fuel Consumption
Calculate of amount of gas. Please register in advance the fuel consumption of "Stage" & "Road".

You are able to send the messages from "Twitter","Facebook"and "Email". The messages is made automatically. The contents is following.

 Rally Name, Car No, Stage No, Stage Time, Locations, Hash-tag(Twitter), Google Map URL(Email)

The features is able to change the working by touch on the buttons.

Map Mode
Warning: Map is displayed by network. If your iPad is not using network, Map is not displayed.

Sub Trip: This is second trip meter. This is a single working.
To Next TC: Display the remaining distances. Please register the distances to the next time control in the "Itinerary".
Margin for the Next TC: Display the margin time to the Arrival Time. Please register the "Distances" and "Target Time" of next time control in the "Itinerary".

Service Park >> Next TC

Display "Arrival Time", "Remaining Time", "Remaining Distances" and "Margin Time" of next time control. Please register the data of "From Service Park to Next TC".

Map Setting

※Map Setting is able to call by touch the bottom right corner of the map view.

This view is able to set the any setting of the maps.

Clear: Clear all locations of registered.
Distance to appear: Set the alert distances to location of registered.

Map Type: Select type of the maps.
Lat / Lon: Display the latitude & longitude on the maps.


Please register the data of Itinerary.

Auto Finish: Stage Finish processing is done when distances of Stage reaches "0".
Start Signal: Display the countdown signal of Stage Start.
Start time interval: Set the interval time. The time is from touch on the Stage button to the Stage Start time.
Stage repeat: If you want to copy the data for repeat stages, "Select Stage num" >> "Touch the Share button".

Stage Time

Stage Time 1

Stage Time is registered automatically. The time has 30 stages. The time is able to fixed yourself  by touch the text.

Changing the pages is able to select the segment on the tool bar.

All Stage Times is able to delete by touch on the "Red" button.

Rival time & name is able to register. It is "20" rivals. It is displayed every 2 rivals. It is able to select by slider on the tool bar.

Rival name is able to reset by touch on the "Blue" button.

Stage Time 2

Stage Data of yours is display by touch the bottom right corner on the view.

  • Distance may be different because using GPS.
  • Distance and Current time has can not removed the error. Therefore, do not recommend using in delicate competition.
  • Be using to external power supply because this app is using GPS ever time. And using charger only iPhone.
  • Please finish other Apps because saving the CPU memory.
  • I don't have responsible for all.(troubles, damages, disadvantages, and more) Everyone will use this app, and you consent to use this thing.


Development and release : Takashi IRINATSU
Email :

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