ARM on the Porche

ARM on the Porche

HRM Manual EN

*Historic Rally Monitor = HRM

Main Screen

1.Current Clock: The time is calibrated by GPS. Calibration does 5 mins from catching the GPS.

2.Trip Meter: Display "kilometers" or "miles".

3.Arrival Time: Setting the time is touch from here.

4.Remaining time: Display remaining time to arrival.

5.Speed meter: Display current speed.

6.Current sector view: Display current sector's information.
  • Target Time: The time countdown to finish of sector.
  • Dist to Fin: Display the distance to finish of sector.
  • Sector: Number of current sector.
  • Ave Speed: Display the average speed of current sector. the speed is calculated by "Target Time" & "Dist to Fin" automatically.
  • Current Ave: Display the "Running Average Speed of current sector". If you delay to "Ave Speed", the text color is Red, else going first, color is Blue.
7.Next sector view: Display next sector's information. The display according to the current sector view.

8.Previous difference: Display the difference time. The time is difference to given times.


Clear the trip meter.

Display the GPS status. OK ⇔ Bad

Back  to the previous sector. If you wrong touch the Start button, Please use this button.

START Button: Next sector start.

HOLD Button: Current sector finish.

     *I will explain on the separate section about it.

10.Clock calibrate: Calibration does 5 mins from catching the GPS. Situation of calibration is displayed by green bars. If you want to calibrate again, Change to ON the switch. 

11.Switch direction of trip meter: Select the direction of trip meter. 

12.Menu buttons:

Setting preferences. (ex. calibrate to distances)
Display the manual. ( This site )
Display the maps.

Register the "Target Time" & "Dist of Fin".

13. Arrival Time Start switch : This switch is started  countdown to Arrival Time. If you want to use this switch, you have to set the Arrival Time in "Data Management".

Data Management

  • Register the "Target Time" & "Dist of Fin" & "Arrival Time". The sectors is max "30".
  • "Select Sheet" segment is able to change the display.
  • Registration data, please touching the desired data.
  • Display "10" sector on a page. Changing the page can by this segment buttons.
  • Hold switch is able to suspend the sector. If you change enable this switch, Start Button has meaning same as Hold button in current sector.
  • If you want delete all data, please press & hold the "All Clear" button.
  • Difference Clear button is able to delete all difference result.
  • Touch  when you back to main screen.
  • Warning: Be Registered continuously. If you don't continuously, Sector changing is suspended in there.


    1.Distance Calibration
        If HRM's distances has a lot of differences to Road book's, It can be calibrated. It is very easy.
    1. Running the interval of road book.
    2. After running, please input the HRM's distances in "iPad".
    3. Please input the road book's distances in "Road Book".
    Calibration is done. Distances is calibrated and display.

    Warning: Distances has difference after calibrate because It is calculated by GPS. Calibration is an approximation.

    • Count Down: Select the countdown audios.
    • Tone / Voice : Select the audio from "Tone" or "Voice".
    3.Clock Adjust

    • Adjust to GPS clock. If GPS clock is difference to standard time. The adjusting units is "1/10 sec".
    The Race

    In the racing, you use "Basic View" & "PC View". Basic View is upper side. PC View is bottom side.

    Basic View is using in Liaison. You are able to check the remaining time to arrival when you registered the time.

    PC View is using in Section of PC. Following the main flow.

    1.Please touch the START button when you pass through the first PC-start. After touching, Countdown to PC-finish (time & distances) is started. And display the average speed from PC-start.
    2.If "First PC-finish" equals "Next PC-start", please touch the START button when you pass through the first PC-finish. After touching, Countdown of next sector is started.

    3.If "First PC-finish" not equals "Next PC-start", please touch the HOLD button when you pass through the first PC-finish. After touching, First sector is finished but Next sector not start.

    4.If you want to restart the next sector, please touch the START button. After touching the START button, next sector is started.


    Map is only using in Liaison. Please touch 

     *Map cannot display in "PC countdown" because to prevent erroneous operation. And START/HOLD button cannot touch in "Map Mode". 

    Warning: Map is displayed by network. If your iPad is not using network, Map is not displayed.


    • Distance may be different because using GPS.
    • Distance and Current time has can not removed the error. Therefore, do not recommend using in delicate competition.
    • Be using to external power supply because this app is using GPS ever time. And using charger only iPhone.
    • Please finish other Apps because saving the CPU memory.
    • I don't have responsible for all.(troubles, damages, disadvantages, and more) Everyone will use this app, and you consent to use this thing.

    Development and release : Takashi IRINATSU
    Email :

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