ARM on the Porche

ARM on the Porche


ASE Rally Com for Android in Panda Raid.

ARM friend Jose Antonio Gonzalez is challenged in Panda Raid. The raid is able to run FIAT PANDA / SEAT MARBELLA.

ASE Rally Com for Android prototype is used by him.

The large circle is "Compass". He requested me the compass because it is important for raid.


  1. Hi Takahashi,
    This looks very interesting and I would like to ask, if it is coming available soon? Also would hope, that final version has compass, because I would use this at motorcycle rally raid and there compass would be really useful.
    R: Seppo

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thaks for your asking.
    The new app is constructing now. It is not coming soon. Because it has some problems.


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